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All books are highly recommended by Pluto, Taz, Quigley and Dobie. The kittens, Hekat and Lugh, are too young to read so they recommentd the books with all the pictures and BIG print. You can read more about these furry friends at the very first web page made by the proprietor at this LINK

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A-Z of Cat Diseases & Health Problems : Signs, Diagnoses, Causes, Treatment / by Bradley Viner


This easy to use reference for cat owners is divided into two sections: the first lists signs of diseases and health problems alphabetically, and the second provides details of the signs, causes and treatments of the health problems diagnosed with the help of the first section. This is designed to be used by the reader when examiningor observing his cat, and symptoms are carefully indexed to enable reference to associated signs and possible diagnosis. Each section has informative veterinary advice on causes, diagnoses and appropriate treatment.Bradley Viner has been a practicing veterinarian for 20 years and runs a small animal practice with several branches in London. He is a member of the Pet Advisory Committee and Chairman of National Pet Week. He has written three books and hosts his own pet program on the radio in London.


The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult : Canine and Feline / by Larry Patrick Tilley (Editor), Francis W. K., Jr Smith (Editor)

REVIEW provided by Seraphine in California: The perfect book for the person who does not want to run to the vet for everything. On two pages (per illness) you get discription of problem, how to treat it, what medications can be given, recovery time and much much more. Perfect for someone who has lots of animals, for someone who does not have lots of money to spend on vets, for someone who lives too far from convienent vet care, for someone who's interested in doing as much vet care himself/herself before rushing to vet, for someone who wants to know more than what their vet has told them.


Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure / by Amy Snow, Nancy Zidonis

"Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure" helps you participate in your cat's optimal health. This step-by-step manual has over 35 photographs, 60 charts, and 30 illustrations for ease of learning. "Acu-Cat" covers the basics of a feline acupressure treatment and includes meridian charts, acupoint charts and over 30 specific treatment plans for common physical conditions and behavior issues.


Allergic Skin Diseases of Dogs and Cats / by Lloyd M. Reedy, William H. Miller, Ton Willemse

B. Saunders. Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic, Dallas, TX. Comprehensive text describing allergic skin disorders with information of the pathogenesis, clinical features, methods of diagnosis, and therapy. Previous edition: c1989. Softcover. Halftone illustrations with some color plates. NOTE FROM SELECTOR: This is a technical book and goes very nicel with the 5 minute veterinary book above.


Bird Watching for Cats : An Entertainment Guide for Indoor Felines / by Kit Harrison, George Harrison, George H. Harrison

Step-by-step, "Bird Watching for Cats" offers a luxuriously illustrated, user-friendly primer that guides owners through the process of attracting a pageantry of birds just outside the window for the entertainment of their feline friends. 60 color photos. SELECTOR'S NOTE: This sport is commony referred to in the vernacular as "KITTY TV".


Classical Cats: The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Cat / by Donald W. Engels

"There has been much debate about the position of the cat in ancient Greece and Rome. Artistic representations are sometimes ambiguous, and its role as a mouse-catcher seems often to have been carried out by weasels. Other evidence clearly suggests that the cat was as important to Greeks and Romans as it is to many modern people."--BOOK JACKET. "This book is the first comprehensive survey of the evidence about cats in Greece and Rome, and of their functions and representations in art. Donald Engels draws on authors from Aesop to Aristotle; on vase-painting, inscriptions and the plastic arts; and on a thorough knowledge of zoology of the cat. He also sets the ancient evidence in the wider context of the Egyptian period that preceded it, as well as the views of the Church fathers who ushered antiquity into the Middle Ages."--BOOK JACKET.


The Cougar Almanac : A Complete Natural History of the Mountain Lion / by Robert H. Busch

SELECTOR'S NOTE: This book is included because the proprietor has an affinity for the cougar. It is sort of a totem animal for her.


Barron's Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds : A Complete Guide to the Domestic Cats of North America / by J. Anne Helgren


A reader from California: "an almost "purr-fect" cat encyclopedia" After buying many encyclopedia cat books (6 in all) and continually being disappointed in the lack of detailed information on many subjects, such as the differences in personalities among the various breeds, I have finally found, what I believe, is the
definitive book on cat breeds. Ms. Helgren has taken her time to explain the dissimilarities among each breed and has done so in an extremely interesting and concise profile form. She has used easy to read charts for showing the various levels of behavior and general care concerns for each type. There's even a chapter on how to choose the best cat for YOUR personality. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is either beginning a search or just wants to find out more about these wonderful feline companions.


Fantastic Felines / by Laurel Burch

Gloriously printed in brilliant colors, Fantastic Felines offers Laurel Burch's worldwide fans the complete collection of the cat images that have become her signature. This gorgeous, color-drenched book is a necessity for Laurel Burch collectors as well as a delightful gift for every cat lover. 144 full-color illustrations


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds / by Angela Rixon

An ultimate cat breeds encyclopedia provides complete, accurate, and authoritative information on hundreds of pictured breeds and discusses origins, personality, habits, and special concerns.

SELECTOR'S NOTE: Kittens HEKAT and LUGH really love the pictures on this one.


Natural Cat Care / by Bruce Fogle, Bruce Fogel

 Healthy, natural ways to look after cherished pets. Explore new ways to enrich the life and health of your dog and cat with these authoritative and accessible guides. Each explains the benefits of caring for pets in a holistic, natural way, and how such care serves to better a pet's life. Best-selling veterinarian Dr. Bruce Fogle discusses each form of complementary therapy - from acupuncture and herbal medicine to osteopathy and manipulation - and how and when it should be used. Nutrition, development and behavior, and training are also covered in this landmark addition to dog and cat care reference libraries.


The Silent Miaow : A Manual for Kittens, Strays, and Homeless Cats / by Paul Gallico, Suzanne Szasz (Photographer)

A delightful manual which instructs stray kittens and homeless cats in how to obtain, captivate, and dominate the families of their choice. 200 black-and-white photographs. SELECTOR'S NOTE: This is one of my favorites. If you came from my Feline Friends personal page then you know why I say this.


Understanding Cats : Their History, Nature, and Behavior / by Roger K. Tabor

One of the world's leading cat authorities presents a full-scale, fascinating portrait of felines, from their origins in the wild to their accommodations to domestic life, and offers invaluable insights into their behavior. Over 150 beautiful, full-color photos capture the alluring mystery and irresistible appeal of all kinds of cats. Have you ever wondered what makes your cat tick? We are fascinated by these enigmatic animals: a lovable pet curled
in a lap one minute, a wily hunter stalking its prey the next. Here, cat expert Roger Tabor reveals why cats behave as they do, and shows how we can learn to understand and appreciate their impact on our lives.


Why Cats Paint : A Theory of Feline Aesthetics / by Heather Busch (Contributor), Silver Burton, Burton Silver

Should the marks a cat makes be treated as art, or are they simply forms of territorial behavior? This photographic record of cat creativity will intrigue catlovers and art-lovers alike, as it deciphers many heretofore unexplained aspects of cat behavior which can be found in the familiar context of art. SELECTOR'S NOTE: GREAT GIFT. I LOVE MINE.


Your Healthy Cat : Homeopathic Medicines for Common Feline Ailments / by H. G. Wolff


Selector's Note: I included this book in my store because I am a believer of alternative medicine for people and animals. I am not familiar with the book personally. Should you purchase it, I would appreciate it if you email me and let me know your thoughts on it. Thank you