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Computer Graphics

Dreamweaver 3 Hands-On Training / by Lynda Weinman, Garo Green

This edition of Lynda's best selling Dreamweaver HOT includes a new chapter on plug-ins and how to use them, and information on the new, productivity-enhancing features of Dreamweaver such as the expanded objects palette. The book will cover Dreamweaver's new HTML styles pallette, which will enable users to automatically apply HTML tags that will work on older browsers without relying on Cascading Style Sheets.



Mastering MacRomedia Dreamweaver 3 (Mastering) / by David Crowder, Rhonda Crowder With this new primer, Mastering Macromedia Dreamweaver 3, beginners and intermediate users of Dreamweaver 3 and Fireworks 3 can easily master (that is, get a handle on) the applications' myriad features. Dividing space between Dreamweaver and Fireworks in a two-to-one ratio, the book's main audience will be those who are completely new to creating Web sites, although others may still find it useful in troubleshooting. The chapters follow a natural course. First is a thorough introduction to the work environment, including tools and palettes, followed by site management and Dreamweaver's HTML facilities, creating pages, formatting text, using images, adding links, color, tables, forms, and frames. Next comes using the Library, cascading style sheets, Layers, and JavaScript behaviors. This section will be particularly helpful to intermediate-level readers who have yet to take advantage of some of Dreamweaver's capabilities, for example, sending form information by e-mail. The rest of the book covers Fireworks--using all its tools and effects, optimizing images, creating sliced GIFs, image maps, rollovers and animations, and exporting the results--with particular attention to inserting them into Dreamweaver documents. There is a tutorial with a sample Web site and images on the companion CD-ROM, though this is the book's weakest point. The site is very simplistic; readers will want to substitute their own Web site and artwork for the amateur-looking graphics. Also, the index, which doesn't include enough basic terms, is weak. For example, recording a command is not found under "recording" or "command," and nothing in the index refers to assigning a behavior that opens new browser windows (although that information is here). The book's strong suit, however, is its writing style. There aren't many screen shots, and it doesn't cover anything too advanced, but for the topics that are covered it clearly details how things work and why. If you think you might not be getting the most out of Dreamweaver 3 on your own, this book might be the answer for you, despite its flaws. --Angelynn Grant Topics covered: Introduction to Dreamweaver 3 (including tools, palettes, site management, page creation, formatting text, working with images, colors, tables, frames, layers, Library elements, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript behaviors) and to Fireworks 3 (including tools, palettes, optimizing images, creating sliced and animated GIFs, rollovers and image maps, and exporting them to Dreamweaver). CD-ROM includes demo versions of both applications, tutorial files, links to helpful Web resources and supporting applications like Internet Explorer 4.5 and QuickTime 4.02.



Dreamweaverš 3 Bible / by Joseph W. Lowery According to Macromedia, there are few more qualified or capable to teach the ins and outs of Dreamweaver than author James Lowery. This high praise is well earned with the reamweaver 3 Bible, a comprehensive manual that covers everything from basic site creation to working with Fireworks, as well as using CSS, DHTML, XML, and multimedia. Beginners and intermediate users will appreciate the solid foundation provided in the opening 12 chapters. Readers are given a quick tour of the work environment, shown how a sample site is built up from scratch, and introduced to all the features of Dreamweaver. Here and throughout Dreamweaver 3 Bible, the text is augmented by frequent screenshots (from the Windows platform, although the text includes Macintosh instructions and commands) and applicable generated HTML code. More importantly, the book provides ample reasons for why things work the way they do and examples of how a feature might be put to use. Other sections of the book cover frames, tables, forms, objects, behaviors, integrating Shockwave and Flash, working with layers, creating templates, using the Library, and many more topics. The appendices cover the companion text editors (Homesite 4.5 for Windows users, BBedit 5 for Mac users) and CourseBuilder for creating instructional Web pages. The companion CD-ROM includes 30-day trials of Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, and CourseBuilder, plus lots of extensions and sample files mentioned in the text. Changes since the last edition include all the new features of Dreamweaver 3: the History palette, Design Notes, and the enhanced interrelationship with Fireworks, for example. Many processes are now automated in the latest version, like creating a command out of a group of steps from the History palette. Within Dreamweaver 3 Bible, new features like these are set in a different font and marked by an icon in the margin, making it easy for those already familiar with Dreamweaver to quickly access what's new. One great benefit of a well-written book such as this is the confidence one gains with the application--confidence to look beyond the text and explore on one's own. This is especially fulfilling given Dreamweaver's expandability. By helping readers customize Dreamweaver, the text saves hours and hours of work time. --Angelynn Grant Topics covered: * Thorough instruction on all features of Dreamweaver 3 * Introduction to the work environment * How to customize features and preferences * Creating Web pages and managing sites * Using the History palette * Creating commands * Using the new HTML styles * Effectively using Templates and Libraries * Working with Fireworks integration * Working with DHTML, JavaScript, XML and CSS * Incorporating plug-ins, ActiveX objects, and Java applets


Fireworks 3 Bible (with CD-ROM) / by Joseph W. Lowery, Simon White (Contributor) Many digital designers, even fans of Macromedia Dreamweaver, use Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady and Illustrator for image creation and manipulation, and constantly go back and forth between applications. In this latest Bible, Dreamweaver power user Joseph Lowery proved to himself that Macromedia Fireworks, which handles both vector and bitmap art, is an effective replacement for those applications, increasing both productivity and creativity. As with others in the series, the Fireworks 3 Bible works well both for beginners who need guidance in learning the software and experienced users looking for a good reference manual. Although the book isn't tutorial-based, you perform step-by-step tasks along the way, and the index is thorough enough to help you find solutions to problems. The book is not written as a face-off between Fireworks and other applications, but you'll quickly discover tasks for which Fireworks has the edge, particularly in Web production. For example, methods for creating hot spots and sliced GIFs are similar to those in Photoshop/ImageReady, but here we learn how to use the Fireworks Insert > Hotspot or Insert > Slice option to encompass an entire object instantly, including all of the drop shadow or other effects. A single click + key combination wins over a click + drag any day. Fireworks is included in the Dreamweaver Studio package, and the construction of the application fits the Macromedia model. This is most apparent when creating rollovers; Fireworks uses Behaviors, while ImageReady uses layers and a rollover/animation panel. Lowery is adept at explaining the whys along with the hows, and the chapter on activating Fireworks with Behaviors clearly explains this method and gives a firm foundation on how Behaviors work in Dreamweaver, Flash, and, on a much larger scale, Director. There's not much to complain about in this excellent book, except for a small but confusing organizational choice in the step-by-step instructions: a more intuitive organization would have been to have the "Notes," which offer advice and caveats, precede the step to which they refer, instead of following it. Otherwise, Fireworks 3 Bible is as comprehensive as it is well written, and it might just convert those die-hard Illustrator/Photoshop/ImageReady Web designers. --Angelynn Grant



Director 8 and Lingo Authorized / by Phil Gross

A short course in online movie-making. Learn to use Macromedia Director 8, the powerful, cross-platform application that helps you create dynamic interactive movies for multimedia and Internet
productions. Presented in manageable step-by-step sessions, this book helps you learn to use Director 8 at your own pace. The enclosed cross-platform CD-ROM contains all the files you need to work through the lessons, plus completed versions with which you can compare your own results


Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator: Side By Side / by Wendy Crumpler No digital artist uses only one tool, nor do they use a set of tools from only one publisher. The beauty of Photoshop, Painter, and Illustrator: Side by Side is that it addresses the practical needs of today's digital artist. The book covers three tools, from two publishers, using tutorials and side-by-side comparisons--and it does a great job. If you're most experienced with one of these programs but want to learn about any of the others, you need this book. Every page compares and illustrates common tools, techniques, and similar terminology through color-coded screen shots (each program is assigned a color) or through a table that lists a particular feature and how it is implemented in each program. These tables are the driving engine of the book. Each chapter starts with a three-column matrix describing a feature common to all three programs. Chapter 6, "Selections, Masks, and Channels," gives a side-by-side view of the different methods of selecting pixels, accessing the selection tools, using masks, using channels, and so on. It's incredibly useful when looking up a familiar term or feature to instantly find its counterpart in the program you are learning. The last section of the book, "The Artists," offers an inside view of how and why some artists approach projects in particular ways. The works of 19 digital artists and a descriptive paragraph from each provide insight, inspiration, and experience. Photoshop, Painter, and Illustrator: Side by Side should be a trendsetter. Many people use numerous programs, all of a particular type, during the course of a project. This reference, describing and comparing both common and unique features, is timesaving and educational. --Mike Caputo


FinalePrimerThe Finale Pimer: Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale
by Bill Purse

This is the first step-by-step guide to using Coda's Finale, the world's number one software program for creating simple or complex music notation. This easy-to-use, practical book flattens Finale's robust learning curve and helps musicians and composers understand and maximize the program's invaluable capabilities in editing, reformatting,> and reorganizing musical material. Finale is a powerful "electronic scribe" that helps you with all music preparation -- whether copying and replicating an existing piece of music or creating an original work. Written by a pioneer in interactive CD-ROM, MIDI files, hard disk recording and music score publication, the book is designed to help you use the Finale manuals more efficiently, especially when tackling particularly difficult challenges in the exacting art of music notation. Providing hundreds of easy-to-read screen shots and illustrations, The Finale Primer outlines navigational basics and reinforces notational concepts with drills and projects at the end of each lesson. These quickly build skills that lay the essential groundwork for score notation and prepare you for further mastery of the program. Topics range from exploring the Finale toolbox to creating a lead sheet, printing the final score, and special guitar notation. Covers Finale for both Macintosh and Windows.


The Illustrator 8 Wow! Book  / by Sharon Steurer,


The Illustrator 8 Wow! Book is a beautiful, inspiring showcase of the best techniques using Illustrator 8's latest features. Updated from the previous, best-selling edition, it's packed with lush, full-color images and tips on how the artists used Illustrator to create them. Clear, helpful instructions and numerous sidebars guide the reader through Illustrator 8's highlights from the basics to sophisticated professional techniques. Adobe Illustrator, the most popular illustration software on the market, is a powerful tool for creating not only commercial logos and advertisements, but also fine art and technical illustrations. With its layered work environment and the ability to import bitmapped images from other programs, it takes computer illustration to another plane. Update of the book that has sold more than 50,000 copies worldwide. Covers all the new features of Illustrator 8, plus new tips and techniques. Includes Macintosh/Windows CD-ROM packed with demo versions of Illustrator 8 and Photoshop, Illustrator tutorials, and many more specially created goodies.


Adobe Illustrator 8.0 : Classroom in a Book (The Classroom in a Book Series) / by Adobe Development Team


Adobe Illustrator 8.0 Classroom in a Book teaches users to master Illustrator 8.0 in short, focused lessons that explore all of Adobe Illustrator's tools and techniques. By following along with the cross-platform CD and the book's lessons, readers get hands-on experience mastering the most powerful graphic illustration application available. The illustrations and text guide the reader through results they can see on the screen, teaching techniques that can be immediately put to use.

  • Includes training material from Adobe's software training experts and tested in Adobe's own classrooms
  • Teaches Adobe Illustrator 8.0 in short, accessible lessons at a pace you can control
  • The definitive, time-tested Photoshop tutorial that outclasses all other Photoshop titles available
  • Cross-platform CD-ROM contains lesson files


bryce3dhndbk.gif (5285 bytes)The Bryce 3d Handbook / by Shamms Mortier


Foreword written by Jan Nickman director/producer of the award-winning Bryce film PLANETARY TRAVELER. A comprehensive reference guide to using Bryce 3D, thelatest version of MetaCreations' powerful program. The book covers all the new features with an emphasis on the new animation capabilities. A quick review of the standard functions also shows how they work with the new features. The book and CD are filled with illustrations, tutorials, and ready-to-use animations. And it covers f/x capabilities with 2D Pyromania; Includes tips from experienced Bryce users; andTeaches how to output Bryce 3D to the Web. Companion CD runs on Mac & Win machines and includes approximately 100 animations, and numerous color images and utilities.



multimediawork.gif (14212 bytes)Multimedia Making It Work / by Tay Vaughan


This is the fourth edition and the following review is for the third editions but it would be a good guess the revisions are well improved on the third edition.A veritable multimedia bible, this book takes both Mac and Windows users through a discussion of current multimedia hardware and software and describes the elements  of video, audio, graphics, and animation, leading up to guidance on polishing and delivering professional multimedia projects. Vaughan provides case studies of successful multimedia companies and projects along the way. This third edition improves upon the previous edition by discussing Web production and such tools as Macromedia Shockwave, RealAudio, VRML, and JavaScript. It comes with two hybrid CDs with demos and trial versions of such tools as Macromedia Director and FreeHand. Highly recommended for anyone making his or her way through the field of multimedia production.


The Non-designers Design Book: design and typographic principles for the visual novice / Robin Williams
~~~another invaluable book for aspiring web designers--selector's note.


This author's clear, concise style of writing has made her popular with hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. She has a knack for taking technical or esoteric information and making it easily accessible. A teacher for many years this volume is represents the distillation of what she has seen as pitfalls of most beginners' work.


Fractal Design Painter 5 Complete / Karen Sperling, Winston Steward; CD-ROM includes demo software and sample images.


This book begins with an overview of new features in Painter 5 which covers the drawing tools in the first section of the guide. The third section of the book takes you to the heart of the program: the brushes. Here and throughout the book you will find 30 professionals who use Painter to create stunning graphics. Follow the step by step instructions describing exactly how the art in the book was created and then try it yourself. Find out how to create textures, work with color, retouch photos, create special effects, and work with type in following chapters. There are special chapters on creating animations and Web graphics.


The Painter 5 WOW! Book: tips, tricks and techniques for MetaCreations Painter 5; CD-ROM includes Goodies, software tryouts and stock photos and clips/ Cher Threinen-Pendarvis


Beginners will love this step-by-step instruction book which assumes no prior knowledge of Painter, Intermediate and advanced users will gain valuable insight from the author's explanations of a wide variety of advanced techniques. This is a resource guide to tools, images and other products that can make Painter more powerful and easier to use. The CD-ROM includes custom brushes and papers, filters and software demos.


Inside Adobe PhotoShop 4 / Gary David Bouton; co-authors, Barbara Mancuso Bouton and Gary Kubicek; CD-ROM includes seamless tiling textures, True Type 1 fonts in both Mac and PC format, the professional designer's resource guide with Web links--The ARGYLE pages and much more.

Produce outstanding graphics for electronic documents, the World Wide Web, and print media. Learn how Version 4 affects the way you work in Photoshop. Master Photoshop through real-world tutorials with all the example files included on the CD-ROM. Discover special techniques for optimizing graphics for the Web, electronic documents and print media. Enhance your designs using the power of PhotoShop 4's new layers feature. Uncover expert techniques for restoring, retouching, and combining photographs. Utilize advanced techniques for using tools and filters to create special effects. Create exciting images and navigation controls to enhance Web sites. Learn how to use Photoshop plug-ins for added effects. Create stunning type effects using PhotoShop and outside applications.

~~~This is the selector's choice for an authoritative volume on PhotoShop 4~~~






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