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Imagine (the original movie soundtrack)


I love this LP simply because it is biographical. I love the fact that it has the original Real Love on it and not the pathetic attempt to remake it into something it wasn't intend to be. John's message on the original one, is not at all what the release by Paul, George and Ringo and I much prefer John's. It's a FAVORITE of mine.

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Mind Games

As years progress and my life took a downward spiral into the rat race, I became more aware of the songs on this LP. Particularly, One Day at a Time. The LP cover alone was my first introduction to what you could do with photo art.


Walls and Bridges

I first became aware of this LP through the song Scared. It is still my favorite song on this LP and then put it together with "What ever gets you through the night" and you have an interesting story.


Rock N Roll


My favorite codependent song is on this LP, Stand by Me. I also love his version of Bonie Maronie. Unfortunately, I sold this LP when I should have kept the album because I have not replaced this as a CD.


Shaved Fish

This is the best compilation single LP of Lennon hits there is. I enjoy having Happy Xmas on this LP and do listen to this every Yuletide. Another enjoyable song for me is Instant Kharma which sometimes because my mantra.


Double Fantasy

Don't listen to this LP much. Purchased it on December 8, 1980 before the assassination. Need I say more. But when I do listen to this LP my favorite song is Watching the Wheels.

Where were you the night you heard of John's assassination? I was just getting off the bus from my workshift. Walked into the corner pub, sat down on the stool marked with my name, glanced up at the
football game on TV when the announcement came over he was shot dead. The bartender had just served me my usual of Korbel and seltzer when I said, bring me the BOTTLE instead. I handled it very well! I remember this night more clearly then the day JFK was assassinated.


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