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Creative HTML Design / by Lynda Weinman, William Weinman

Creative HTML Design walks you through building a real, working web site, specially created for the lesson plans in this book. In the process, you will learn all the phases of site design--from selecting
an ISP and uploading files, to more advanced techniques like adding animation and rollovers. Step-by-step tutorials for Photoshop 4.0 and Paint Shop Pro teach how to design using "safe" colors, make distinctive background tiles, align your graphics, use tables and frames, include JavaScript rollovers, use CSS, as well as numerous other design and HTML features. This book includes a complete HTML 4.0 reference with details on all current HTML elements. * Step-by-step exercises and detailed visual examples cover the stages of creating a web site * Learn to choose an Internet Service Provider or Presence Provider * Create speedy GIF, JPEG, and PNG files * CD-ROM contains all the necessary tutorial files, JavaScript rollover code and other customizable scripts. Selector's Note: I enthusiastically recommend ANY and all books written by Lynda Weinman for learning web graphics, HTML design, multimedia and specific applications. In this book she give invalueable hints to shortcuts and successful designs.


Html the Complete Reference : The Complete Reference (The Complete Reference) / by Thomas A. Powell

Most HTML books don't bother to give beginners an introduction to the workings of the World Wide Web because the Web doesn't directly influence writing HTML documents. Powell provides this information because it eventually makes it easier for readers to understand why their HTML Web sites behave as they do. The result is a book well suited to beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers. Beginners learn HTML from the very basics. Intermediate users will gain the knowledge to become advanced, and even old pros will discover new details and updated information.

TOP Adobe GoLive 4 for Macintosh and Windows is a clear and thorough introduction to Adobe's complex Web authoring application. Although the text skimps on the basics of HTML and
the Web, beginners will feel comfortable with its step-by-step approach to GoLive's visually oriented tools and will be able to create Web pages in just a few hours. The first chapters introduce GoLive's working environment. Adobe GoLive 4 is cross-platform instruction, but since the application's interface differs little between Windows and Macintosh, there is minimal chance for confusion. The book then takes the reader through basic Web page assembly, placing and formatting text, and using GoLive's layout tools. Even users with extensive experience in layout applications like Quark or PageMaker may be daunted at first by GoLive's vastly different toolbars and inspectors, but the book provides many tips that clarify perplexing palettes or actions, warn about problems that can arise, or give advice on how to set preferences for optimal performance. Adobe GoLive 4 also covers placing images, working with links, animating elements on the page, and working with the built-in HTML editors and the extensive site management tools. Topics like QuickTime authoring or JavaScript actions get a basic introduction. An intermediate user will find Adobe GoLive 4 a good book for sharpening skills. For example, readers who are already comfortable with GoLive's Button tool for creating rollovers can look up the section on layers and the Show/Hide action and construct a multiple event rollover in short order. As with all the books in this series, Adobe GoLive 4 is more like a reference book than a tutorial, and it is certainly a good choice if there isn't much time to hurdle the learning curve. --Angelynn Grant


Real World Adobe GoLive 4 / by Jeff Carlson, Glenn Fleishman Real World Adobe GoLive 4 is less like a step-by-step tutorial and more like a manual, but one that tells you how things do work, not necessarily how they should work. It fills in the areas where the official GoLive manual falls short; it's the stuff you need to know after you've become familiar with all the palettes and menus. The book employs subtle if sardonic humor that helps lighten up the material. But users will find everything they need to know to effectively use
GoLive: all the tools to create a page or a site; to manage the site; use tables, frames, plug-ins, JavaScript, cascading style sheets, dynamic HTML, and more. It's a comprehensive guide to GoLive and, since it was written from the point of view of experienced users familiar with every benefit, quirk, and downside of the application, it makes a great reference for troubleshooting. Authors Fleishman and Carlson recommend not trying to read the book straight through. In the introduction, they outline which chapters are best for beginners, intermediate users (which they believed they were before writing the book), and advanced users (which they believe they are now). They suggest readers scan the book first, focusing on chapters that answer their most pressing questions, and then stay up all night reading the whole book. As they put it, they find learning easier if you "balance efficiency with learning curve ... learn a little and then sit down and produce." For an intermediate user, it's very gratifying to jump to the chapter on grids, for example, and finally realize why things didn't work exactly as expected. One particularly useful chapter shows how to import, revise, and manage an existing Web site that may have been created by hand-coding or by another HTML editor. The book is loaded with tips and insights and, weighing in at around two and a half pounds, it's a heavyweight in more ways than one. --Angelynn Grant


Frontpage 98: The Complete Reference / by Martin S. Matthews, Erik B. Poulsen

This is the ultimate resource for all Microsoft FrontPage users-a comprehensive, 800-page reference/tutorial, covering the latest version of FrontPage. The tutorial section covers the fundamentals through functionality, such as ActiveX integration, scripting, security, and commerce. The reference section includes handy alphabetical references to HTML, VBScript, and other languages. Synopsis This 800-page "Complete Reference" combines the benefits of a tutorial and reference all under one cover. The inclusion of a CD-ROM containing a large helping of tools, templates, and ActiveX and Java applets for readers to use within their Web pages adds to the value of this book.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh is faster, easier to use, and more stable than previous versions of this popular Web browser. New features and subtle enhancements make IE 5 a compelling upgrade for Web enthusiasts, administrators, and developers alike. In addition to the new Auction manager, which permits users to track various online auctions, IE 5 includes an improved Search function, new Internet Scrapbook, Multimedia capabilities, and integration of Web-based email into Outlook Express. Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide is loaded with screen shots and concise instructions for getting the most out of this powerful tool for exploring the Web. Novices, savvy Web surfers, and professionals can find useful information on browser basics, customization, and all the new features of IE 5. The book also offers a detailed exploration of Outlook Express, the free email client that comes with IE 5. Coverage includes managing incoming and outgoing mail, setting up for multiple users, and getting the most out of newsgroups.



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