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In this past year I became a Macintosh convert from the Windows side. I am now an avid enthusiast and do internet technical support for owners of Macintosh computers. I have had the ability to peruse and to evaluate many books on the market pertaining to the support and the graphics that Macs do so well. I have listed my favorites here.

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The Little Mac Book (Little Mac Book, Ed 6) / by Robin Williams

"Robin Williams--no, not the comic actor--assumes her readers have no computer experience at all. She provides explanations of all the essentials as well as the perennial stumper for all Mac novices--how to get the floppy disk out of its drive!

She also explains why hooking Macs together in a network is easier than you might think and shows how to use Sherlock to extract the information you need from the Internet. Since she focuses on Mac OS 8.6 in general, her approach is suitable for users of all Macs who use that system, including the iMac and iBook. Throughout, her love for the Mac and its community of users is obvious. A lot of effort has gone into this book's design too--there are few slapped-in screen shots and lots of carefully trimmed and laid-out illustrations. Not enough publishers put this kind of care into their books' production. As a result of the collaboration between Williams and her publisher, The Little Mac Book is a joy to look at, hold, read, and use." --David Wall for


Topics covered: The Mac OS 8.6 system; the mouse, the keyboard, file
management, Mac text editing, and Internet tips

Beyond the Little Mac Book / by Steve Broback (Contributor), Robin Williams

This "sequel" takes up where the best-selling The Little Mac Book leaves off and turns Mac-literate users into power users. Using the same friendly language and easy-to-follow explanations found in The Little Mac Book, the authors share shortcuts, tips, and tricks for honing Mac skills. Chapters on mastering the System Folder, maximizing memory, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, important rituals, staying current, and much more guide new and experienced users alike into taking their Macintosh
Combines easy-to-follow explanations and helpful illustrations to provide a practical approach to getting the most out of the Mac, revealing the shortcuts, tips, tricks, and techniques of master users. (Intermediate)


MacWorld Mac Secrets (5th Ed) / by David Pogue, Joseph Schorr

Here's a secret for you: the Mac's demise has been greatly exaggerated. The Mac is still alive and strong, and with the release of such revolutionary products as the iMac and Mac OS 8.5, Macintosh continues to win more converts every day. And as Mac technology improves and expands, so too do the insider tricks and techniques that enable you to maximize the Mac's potential. How do you keep up with all these little-
known tidbits of information? The answer is no secret: pick up a copy!


MacIntosh Windows Integration : Integrating Your MacIntosh With Windows 95/98 and Windows Nt Environments / by John Rizzo

"Windows machines are becoming more Mac-like, and Macs adopt more Windows features every day, but a considerable gulf remains between the two popular consumer platforms. Macintosh Windows Integration: Integrating Your Macintosh with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT Environments explains how to get work
done in an environment that includes both kinds of computers. As an aid to those with experience in only one kind of computer's networking conventions, there's coverage on networking Macs and a separate chapter on networking Windows machines. After laying that groundwork, the book dives into cross-platform networking with TCP/IP and other protocols. You'll find explicit procedures, accompanied by lots of screen shots, that show how to fit a Mac into a nest of Windows boxes and vice versa. There's a very helpful section on hooking one Mac to a single Windows computer via a null modem cable or crossover Ethernet cable, as well as some documentation of Virtual PC, SoftWindows, and hardware-based solutions for running PC software on the Mac. There's a lot of information here about Unix machines too." --David Wall for
Topics covered: Exchanging files on floppy disks, converting files with special software, reconciling differences in filename conventions, and setting up multiple partitions on storage devices.


Macs® For Dummies® / by David Pogue

Completely revised and updated for Mac OS 8.5 and the latest Mac programs, this sixth edition of the hilarious and helpful international bestseller delivers everything you need to know about Macs. Master the mysteries of your Mac: manage your files without losing them; create, print, and fax documents to your heart's content; get on the Internet quickly and painlessly; discover all the new gizmos and gadgets you
can add to your Mac; troubleshoot your way out of almost any problem; and uncover


The Macintosh Bible (Bible Series) / by Sharon Zardetto Aker, Sharon

"The Macintosh Bible is billed as the "most popular Mac book ever," and reviews forearlier editions (from Macworld, the New York Times, and Byte among others)are almost universally superlative. No wonder. Sharon Zardetto Aker, who hasauthored and/or collaborated on each edition of The Macintosh Bible since
thethird, offers thousands of hints and inside suggestions that will be invaluable to even the most seasoned Mac user. This time, her attention extends to material through Mac OS 8.5 and issues of concern to iMac owners. Topics treated in depth include: beginning with a Mac, hardware, the operating system, other system elements, productivity software, creativity software, and connections. More than 80 percent of the material is new in this edition. The revised version especially excels in its attention to minutiae, encompassing issues as far-ranging as "zapping the PRAM" (that's the 24K parameter RAM that retains control panel and date/time settings, etc.) or the "Color Menu addition" to SimpleText (SimpleText Color Menu is a shareware utility that adds some cool functionality to the basic Mac text processor). In fact, you can pick just about any page in the Bible and find some new Web site or new function that will expand the power of your Mac or iMac. This one is essential.Updates will be continuously available at the readers-only Web site (password information is hidden in the book)". --Patrick O'Kelley for

Mac Answers! : Certified Tech Support / by Bob Levitus, Shelly Brisbin

Saves time, saves money, 400+ answers that are clear, concise, accurate, and up-to-date. From a recognized source. Bob Levitus and Shelly Brisbin provide Mac basics from starting up and shutting down to customizing your Macs' look and feel, to troubleshooting Mac error messages, to installing and upgrading software, to using your Mac on the road. Working in both a Mac and PC environment? Authors
provide detailed information about networking Macs and PCs.


Mac OS 9: Visual QuickStart Guide / by Maria Langer

"The Visual QuickStart format centers on close integration of text and illustrations. Assuming almost nothing, it is well-suited for users who aren't sufficiently familiar with the Mac environment to explore much on their own. There's a spread, a page or two in length, for each of several hundred tasks (sending an electronic mail message and changing the default printer, to cite two examples). Each spread has a series
of steps for you to follow, next to which appears a series of screen shots that show, comic-book style, what you're supposed to see as the process moves along. Langer gets a chance to share her deep knowledge of Mac OS intricacies in numerous tips and brief conceptual explanations." --David Wall for
Topics covered: Mac OS 9 for beginners and intermediate users. You'll see that the Finder (that's the file-management environment in Mac OS) is explained here, along with SimpleText and the other applications that ship with the operating system.Detailed chapters cover simple local area networks (LANs), printing, Internet connectivity, and Sherlock 2.


MacWorld Mac OS 8.5 Bible / by Lon Poole

"Geared toward those who are already know the Mac OS basics, Mac OS 8.5 Bible is a huge tome containing all the Mac help-desk advice and tricks that you'll be likely to need. The guide starts off with a brief section on the improvements that can be found in this new version of the operating system. While 8.5 is not a major upgrade, there are some enhancements to the interface and Internet and networking
capabilities that are worthwhile to note. Next, the author gets you started on the basics of using the OS--opening, closing, and moving documents; using fonts and typography; using the Internet and e-mail--and shows you how to customize your desktop. After this sizable introduction, the book ventures into more advanced territory, showing you how to do simple networking, employ AppleScript for automating tasks, create compound documents, and more. A chapter on the Accessory programs that come with the Mac is handy--especially the part that reveals some other low-cost software utilities that can help maximize the performance of your system. The author also throws in a large collection of timesaving tips and tricks. The tome closes with a section that explains installment and helps you assess whether your system requirements can handle an installation of OS 8.5 or if you should stick with an earlier version--information that may be helpful to know a little earlier on in the text. Overall, this is a fine reference that should be shelved right next to your Mac." --Cristina Vaamonde for


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