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Newjack : Guarding Sing Sing / by Ted Conover Most people know it's easier to get into prison than it is to get out. But for a journalist, just getting into Sing Sing, New York's notorious maximum-security prison, isn't easy. In fact, Ted Conover was so stymied by official channels that he took the only way in--other than crime--and became a New York State corrections officer: "I wanted to hear the voices one truly never hears, the voices of guards--those on the front lines of our prison policies, the society's proxies." Newjack is Conover's account of nearly a year at ground zero of the criminal justice system. What it reveals is a mix of the obvious and the absurd, with hypocrisies not unexpected considering that the land of the free shares with Russia the distinction of having the world's largest prison population. As of December 1999, it was projected that the number of people incarcerated in the United States would reach 2 million in 2000. This is the world Conover enters when he, along with other new recruits, undergoes seven weeks of pseudomilitary preparation at the Albany Training Academy. Then it's off to Sing Sing for the daily grind of prison life. Conover correctly and vividly captures the essence of that life, its tedium interspersed with the adrenaline rush of an "incident" and the edge of fear that accompanies every action. He also details how the guards experience their own feelings of confinement, often at the hands of the inmates: A consequence of putting men in cells and controlling their movements is that they can do almost nothing for themselves. For their various needs they are dependent on one person, their gallery officer. Instead of feeling like a big, tough guard, the gallery officer at the end of the day often feels like a waiter serving a hundred tables or like the mother of a nightmarishly large brood of sullen, dangerous, and demanding children. When grown men are infantilized, most don't take to it too nicely. And not taking to it nicely often involves violence. Indeed, the constant potential for violence on any scale makes even humdrum assignments dangerous. It's astonishing that more doesn't happen, given that the majority of the 1,800 inmates have been convicted of violent felonies: murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, assault, kidnapping, burglary, arson. But beneath the simmering rage rests an unexpected sensitivity that Conover captures brilliantly. After encountering a Hispanic inmate with a tattoo of a heartbreaking passage from The Diary of Anne Frank on his back, he writes: "It was easier to stay incurious as an officer. Under the inmates' surface bluster, their cruelty and selfishness, was almost always something ineffably sad." Ultimately, the emphasis of Conover's work is on the toll prison exacts--most immediately on the jailed and their jailers, but also on a society that puts both there in increasing numbers.


Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings: How to Build and Use 18 Traditional Navigational Instruments / by Dennis Fisher


Part history of navigation and part hands-on project guide for the navigationally fascinated, this unique book includes complete history, step-by-step building instructions, and full-size patterns for 18 historic navigational tools that can be built easily and inexpensively by anyone. Projects include the kamal, astrolabe, quadrant, cross staff, back staff, noctural, sundial, sun compass, dry card compass, pelorus, traverse board, weatherglass, and sextant with vernier. These tools are more than just decorative and educational. They all really work and can be used for navigation (instructions included).


historicsailHistoric Sail: The Glory of the Sailing Ship from the 13th to the 19th Century / by Stephen Howarth, Joseph Wheatley (Illustrator)

Book Description 91 color plates 14 x 15 * Lavishly illustrated with large-scale, color artwork * Detailed narrative of the rise and fall of sailing ships * Covers more than 500 years of maritime history This special, large format, magnificently illustrated book is a lavish panorama of some of the most elegant ships ever built and an essential addition to literature on this captivating subject. Historic Sail features wonderful color artwork by Joseph Wheatley and accompanying text by leading naval historian Stephen Howarth. The vessels covered include: Portuguese carracks; Venetian merchantmen; Spanish galleys and galleons; Elizabethan warships; European ships of the line; and the sleek frigates, yachts and clippers of the nineteenth century. Joseph Wheatley has spent more than thirty years researching and illustrating the history of sailing vessels. Stephen Howarth is a leading expert on maritime history and the author of numerous books, including a biography of Nelson.


Healing the Wounded King: soul work and the quest for the Grail / John Matthews


Based on the author's intensive research and work in the field of myth, this book, uses a mixture of new and tried methods to demostrate how wroking with archetypal stories can bring about healing and a new focus within the individual. It includes: the basic story of the Wounded King, an examination of working with the Quest myth to aid healing, ways of linking your own inner story with the Grail stories and creative visualization exercises.


Death of a Hero Birth of the Soul: answering the call of Midlife / John C. Robinson, PH.D


The "Hero Journey" form dependent child to responsible adult is a central theme in all the world's mythologies. At the same time, the equally compelling journey from youth to middle age has been largely ignored. The author sets out to correct that oversight in this book, a study of the spiritual and psychological realities of male midlife. By blending psychological research, mythology, poetry,mysticism, and personal experiences. This is a story that speaks to the heart of every individual excited about the possibilities of entering the second half of life.


Knights without Armor: a practical guide for Men in Quest of Masculine Soul / Aaron R. Kipnis, Ph.D


"This book is for men and the women who care about them. It has developed from my work with male clients and my dialogues with thousands of men over the last two decades. I've tried to take a hard look at the cultural illusions that underlie many of our dysfunctional beliefs about the basic nature of masculinity. I've also tried to present a new vision that is more life-supporting for men and applicable to the challenges presented by the new millennium."--from the introduction of this book.


King Warrior Magician Lover: rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine / Robert Moore, Douglas Gillette


"In the recent Bill Moyers interview with poet Robert Bly...a young man asked the question, 'Where are the initiated men of power today?' We have written this book in order to answer this question, which is on the minds of both men and women. In the late twentieth century, we face a crisis in masculine identity of vast proportions. Increasingly, observers of the contemporary scene--sociologists, anthropologists, and depth psychologists--are discovering the devastating dimensions of this phenomenon, which affects each of us personally as much as it affects our society as a whole."--from the Introduction.


The King Within: accessing the King in the male psyche / Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


The King reigns within every man's soul--integrating power nurturing, firmness and compassion, courage and creativity, self-affirmation and self-sacrifice. Asleep for untold generations, he now returns to consciousness--his awakening heralded by a bold, universally growing sense of empowered masculine authority...and by the increased capacity of today's man to empower others in his life, and by his life. Centrally, enthroned between the worlds of imagination and action, the inner King challenges every man to take up his individual scepter--to dream glorious dreams...and to make them reality.


Green Man: the archetype of our Oneness with the Earth / William Anderson; photography by Clive Hicks


Beautifully illustrated as well as black and white, and connected to the BBC Omnibus documentary, Green Man is the record of a quest for the archetype through folklore, religion, art and architecture, from prehistory to the present. The author is a poet and winner of the "Silver Pen" award for his scholarly Dante the Maker.


Earth God Rising: the return of the Male mysteries / Alan Richardson


Today, in an age that is witnessing the return of the Goddess in all ways and on all levels, the cae of one more male deity may appear to be a step backward. But along with looking toward the feminine power as a cure for our personal and societal ills, we must remember to invoke those forgotten and positive aspects of our most ancient God. The Horned God is just, never cruel; firm, but not vindictive. The Horned God loves women as equals. He provides the balance needed in the New Age, and he must be invoked as clearly and ardently as the Goddess to whom he is twin.


The Grail Castle: male myths and mysteries in the Celtic tradition / Kenneth Johnson & Marguerite Elsbeth


This book addresses this universal male quest and provides ways to integrate the Father, Warrior, Lover, and Wise Man within you. These four powerful archetypes symbolize the elements integral to being a complete man. Through quizzes, meditations, ritual work, and mythic stories of Celtic heroes, the book offers men different roads to healing and wholeness.



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