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Music History, Philosophy and Theory

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Music and the Power of Sound: the influence and tuning and interval on consciousness / Alain Danielou


Music, above all other arts, has always been esteemed for its power to speak directly to our higher consciousness. Based on unchanging laws of number and proportion, music also embodies the fundamental metaphysical principles underlying everyday reality. How do these two aspects of music's power, its twin roots in consciousness and mathematics, relate to one another? And why does each of the world's music systems seem to have its own unique effects on consciousness? These are questions this book addresses.


Apollo's Lyre : Greek Music and Music Theory in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Publications of the Center for the History of Music Theory and literature) / by Thomas J. Mathiesen

Table of Contents:Preface I. Introduction II. Musical Life in Ancient Greece Music and Melos Types of Music and Their Function Music for the Gods Music in the Theatre Music for the Mortals III. Musical Instruments Idiophones and Membranophones Krotala Kroupezai or Kroupala Kumbala or Krembala Seistron and Rhombos Rhoptron and Tumpana Aerophones Aulos Syrinx Hydraulis Salpinx and Horn Chordophones Origin, History, and Types Lyres Psalteria IV. Music Theory I: The Sources, Aristoxenus, and the Sectio canonis Overview of the Sources Aristoxenus Harmonica The Sectio Canonis V. Music Theory II: The Revival Plutarch Cleonides Nicomachus of Gerasa Theon of Smyrna Claudius Ptolemy VI. Music Theory III: Late Antiquity Gaudentius Porphyrius Aristides Quintilianus Bacchius Alypius VII. The Tradition in the Middle Ages Bibliography Index of Names Index of Places and Subjects. Selector's Note: I KNOW I want this book. This book is a must for a serious musicologist. I have placed it number one on my Amazon.com Wish List. When some kind soul purchases it for me, I will be writing a review. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.


The Mystery of the Seven Vowels : In Theory and Practice / by Joscelyn. Godwin


Book Description The seven vowels which we use every day in speech depend on the phenomenon of harmonics which is at the very basis of music. When we hear vowels we are hearing the laws of harmony which are ultimately the laws of number that are said to govern the universe. This is the first book on the subject to appear in English and brings together the fields of linguistics harmony, mythology, history of religions, and occult philosophy. Scholarly, yet practical, this book gives instructions for discovering one's own healing, centering, and uplifting tones.

SELECTOR'S NOTE: I highly recommend this book for any esoteric studies of music. This book is in high demand even though its relatively small in amount of pages, every page is worth its weight in gold.

Towards a Cosmic music / texts by Karlheinz Stockhausen; selected and translated by Tim Nevill


In this unique selection of conversations and interviews, one of the giants of contemporary music reveals the philosophy that underlies his growth and development as a composer, performer, and musical innovator. The first new writings of Stockhausen to appear in English for two decades, this is a work as significant in its way as the conversation notebooks of Beethoven. It will be indispensable to anyone interested in the creative imagination at work or concerned with music and its role in the spiritual development of mankind.


The Harmony of the Spheres: a sourcebook of the Pythagorean tradition in Music / edited by Joscelyn Godwin


The concept of the "Harmony of the Spheres" has fascinated inquiring minds for many centuries. This sourcebook traces the history of this idea that the whole cosmos, with its circling planets and stars, is in some way a harmonious and musical entity. Beginning with the creation myth from Plato's Timaeus, the author shows how this concept has continued to inspire philosophers, astronomers, and mystics from antiquity to the present day.


Marsilio Ficino: The Book of Life / a translation by Charles Boer of Liber de Vita


Here is the first translation ever into English of this underground classic of the Italian Renaissance. It was long suppressed because of Ficino's approach to images, demons, and planets in relation to mental health. Marsilio Ficino told the politicians, thinkers, businessmen, and artists of the Italian Renaissance the secrets of food, the pleasures in life, the antidotes to depression, and a lot of other things that had been lost for centuries. In this charming and exact translation, his Book of Life is the Renaissance as you never heard it before!


The Manual of Harmonics of Nicomachus the Pythagorean / translated and commentary by Flora R. Levin


In ancient Greek thought, the musical scale discovered by the philosopher Pythagorean was seen as a utopian model of the harmonic order behind the structure of the cosmos and human existence. Through proportion and harmony, the musical scale bridges the gap between two extremes. I demonstrates how the phenomena of nature are inseparably related to one another through the principle of reciprocity. Because of these relationships embodied in this structure, the musical scale was seen as an ideal metaphor human society by Plato and other Pythagorean thinkers, for it is based on the cosmic principles of harmony, reciprocity, and proportion, whereby
each part of the whole receives its just and proper share. This book is the first complete translation of the manual by the Pythagorean philosopher (2nd century C.E) published with a comprehensive, chapter by chapter commentary.


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