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500formulas.gif (14635 bytes) 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy : Mixing Essential Oils for Every Use / by Carol Schiller, David Schiller


From Booklist , 08/19/94
Scented oils have been around for centuries, and the Schillers are strong believers in
the benefits of using pure essential oils--diluted in a carrier oil, such as sesame--to relieve stress and a myriad of other disorders (communication enhancement and cellulite reduction among them). As Aroma lamps, which disperse the vapors, become readily available in shops, more people may choose to experiment with aromatherapy in their homes. Other uses for these formulas include adding oils to bathwater, for massage, in body powders made with cornstarch, or in candles. It's interesting to just page through the alphabetical section and learn the purported advantages of oils from allspice (Pimenta officinalis) to ylang-ylang (Canangaodorata). Alice Joyce Copyrightę 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved


Aromatherapy Blends and Remedies : Over 800 Recipes for Everyday Use / by
Franzesca Watson, Christine Lane (Illustrator)

A Reviewer: Beginners rush order this book. I just received my 5th books on this subject and found this book by
far the best of all of them. Franzesca writes for the beginner and for those who have years in the field. I especially like the way she explains mixing oils. For example other books use per cents and ml but Franzesca goes further and gives drop amounts. This is very helpful for the novice. This is a book you will continually refer back to. Thank Franzesca.


aromacompleteill.gif (13728 bytes)The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy : A Practical
Approach to the Use of Essential Oils for Health and Well-Being
/ by Julia Lawless


The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all practiced aromatherapy, but it is only
in the last decade that the benefits of aromatic oils have been generally recognized.
This encyclopedia of remedies and techniques covers every application of aromatherapy from cosmetic and clinical to perfumery and explains how aromatic oils can be used simply and effectively to treat a wide variety of health complaints.
Full-color illustrations.


aromakidsandbabies.gif (5685 bytes)Aromatherapy for Babies and Children / by Shirley Price, Penny Price Parr


Card catalog description
Aromatherapy for Babies and Children demystifies aromatherapy for parents who
have used it themselves and wish to discover how it helps heal and soothe babies
and children. Leading aromatherapist, Shirley Price and Penny Price Parr, explore the
character and therapeutic value of different essential oils and blends. They also give
detailed and practical advice on baby and child massage. They explain how aromatherapy massage can help a child feel emotionally secure and physically healthy and also how it helps in the early bonding process. This comprehensive book includes which essential oils are safe for children, which ailments and behavioural problems essential oils can help, recipes for blends, and baby and child massage advice and techniques.


aromatherapy.gif (7421 bytes) Aromatherapy : A Complete Guide to the Healing Art / by Kathy Keville, Mindy Green, Kathi Keville






aromatherapyillguide.gif (11262 bytes) Aromatherapy : An Illustrated Guide / by Clare Walters


This beautifully illustrated book presents an authoritative introduction to the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy. The origins of aromatherapy are covered, plus advice on treating ailments, healing for physical and emotional problems, and a useful list of resources. Color illustrations.



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