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Mysteries of the Dark Moon: the healing power of the Dark Goddess / Demetra George


Exploring the mystery, wisdom, and power of the dark phase of the moon's cycle this book presents a lunar-based model for moving through the dark times in our lives with understanding, consciousness and faith in renewal


Drawing Down the Moon: witches, druids, goddess worshippers, and other pagans in America today / Margot Adler


Margot Adler takes a fascinating and hones look at the religious experiences, beliefs, and life-styles of the people who call themselves neopagans. This book will interest feminists, ecological groups,a and religious historians as well as followers of the occult. Selector's Note: My mentor Lady Cybele is interviewed on the Family Tradition.


Women's Rituals: a sourcebook / Barbara G. Walker


A book for "all women" this is a book about women spirituality resources. It offers a wealth of techniques, procedures and suggestions for group or individual rituals that every woman seeking a more spiritual life can draw upon. The practices described here are designed for women seeking uplifting alternatives to traditional religion and who whish to discover and empower the feminine spirit within themselves and in each other.


The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects / Barbara G. Walker


This fascinating guide to the history and mythology of woman-related symbols features: unique organization by shape of symbol or type of sacred object, 21 different sections including round and oval motifs, sacred objects, secular-sacred objects, rituals, deities' signs, supernaturals, body parts, nature, birds, plants,minerals, stones and shells..and more, introductory essays for each section, 753 entries and 636 illustrations and all in an alphabetical index for easy reference.


The Spiral Dance: a rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess / Starhawk


This is a highly informative, poetic and extremely readable overview of the growth, suppression, and modern day, re-emergence of witchcraft as a religion with special relevance to the women's movement.


Dreaming the Dark: magic, sex and politics / Starhawk


This is a story of a journey, its author's movement form a place of despair to one of action. It is meant to start the reader on a similar path from the numbness and hopelessness often felt in the face of racist and sexist violence, poverty and unemployment, chemical spills, and the threat of nuclear annihilation to an internal sense of strength and knowledge.


Positive Magic: occult self-help / Marion Weinstein


Even though this book is at retail...this book is a MUST for those who are wanting information on the spiritual path of the occult tradition. It covers basic information on areas of Astrology, Tarot Cards, I Ching, Witchcraft and Words of Power. This is classified in the WICCAN section to this bookstore because this book is a primary reader for all those entering the Life course of Wiccan 101.


The Wiccan Mysteries : Ancient Origins & Teachings / by Raven Grimassi

The author, Raven Grimassi: "An alternative view of the Old Religion I was greatly honored in 1998 to have the Wiccan Mysteries receive two awards by the Coalition of Visionary Retailers at the New Age Convention in Denver. Here the book received "Best Spirituality Book" and "Book of the Year". My purpose in writing the Wiccan Mysteries was to present various aspects of ancient pre-Christian religion that also appear in modern Wiccan beliefs and practices. The book also traces various common elements of the ancient mystery religions of Egypt, Greece and Rome, and their influence throughout Europe. It is my personal belief that the ancient Mystery Cults of Old Europe influenced pre-Christian religion throughout continental Europe and much of the British Isles. Wicca, whether one considers it ancient or entirely modern, houses the essential elements of the ancient Mystery Tradition itself. Historical examples of such Mystery Traditions include the cult of Dionysos in ancient Greece, the rites of Eleusis centered around Demeter and Persephone, the cult of Mithras and many others. The Mystery Tradition itself focuses largely on spiritual transformation and employs metaphorical relationships between the human experience and planting, harvesting, and the brewing of grain. In the Wiccan Mysteries book, I have drawn largely upon the works of Joseph Campbell, Carlo Ginzburg, and Marija Gimbutas for the modern interpretation of mythology, paganism, and human spirituality. As a balance the book also draws upon the writings of ancient historians such as Hesiod, Homer, Diodorus, Polybius, Strabo and others. Added to this is my own experience as a practitioner of the Old Religion for over 25 years. Unfortunately some reviewers have elected to focus on my book as a presentation of questionable history. In doing so they have missed what is most important in the work itself: the Wiccan Mysteries is a work focusing on the spirituality of modern Wicca, as well as an overview of its beliefs and practices. Wiccan Mysteries also contains separate chapters on Women's Mysteries and Men's Mysteries from ancient to modern times. Essentially the Wiccan Mysteries is a book about ancient wisdom and how modern Wicca employs it as a viable and vital tool for personal spiritual evolution in modern times."


Casting the Circle: a women's book of ritual / Diane Stein


A purpose of ritual is to teach women the skills of discovering and using their Goddess-within/consequence. The cast circle is a safe space, a space for women to be who they are. In it women enact themselves as Goddess-within, creating a universe of their own design, and using the university to manifest their needs and/ or discover the magick that emerges. This book encompasses and informs many of the rituals of every day living as well as rituals for the Wheel of Life.


Modern rites of Passage: Witchcraft Today; Book 2 / edited by Chas S. Clifton


This book is about the ritual glue that binds Pagan culture. In contrast, much writing on modern Paganism, whether it be Witchcraft or some other form, seems to assume that the reader is a young, single adult--"a seeker." At most, the reader is seen as a member of a coven or other group made up of adults. This collection of writings, however, takes a wider view with the long-term goal of presenting a living Pagan culture. Selector's Note: My soul mate and I used the Handfasting ritual in this book to assist us in writing our own.


A Wiccan Bardo: initiation and self-transformation / Paul V. Beyerl


This book includes the enchanting Ritual of Lothlorien, describes the establishment of communion with the Universe, and also presents a section on Wiccan ethics, featuring The Admonition and The Ritual of Dedication. Also featured is a detailed overview of the initiatory process, the nature of magical empowerment and occult pathworkings, and a description of astral temples and spritual energy forms. The book concludes with the exquisite Ritual for the Dead.


wiccaguide.gif (7237 bytes) Wicca : A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series) /
by Scott Cunningham

Amazon.com Review: Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner is the essential primer from one of the best known authors on Wicca. Focusing on the importance of individualism in your spiritual path, Cunningham explains the very basics of Sabbats (holy days), ceremonies, altars, and other nuts and bolts of Wicca that a solitary practitioner may have trouble finding elsewhere. While Wicca shouldn't be your sole point of reference when considering Wicca as your way of life, it is one of the best starting points.
--Brian Patterson


livingwicca.gif (8097 bytes) Living Wicca : A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Llewellyn's Practial Magick)
by Scott Cunningham


Amazon.com Reviews
Living Wicca is the perfect companion to Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, containing the same concise and comprehendible style that makes the first book so enjoyable. With Living Wicca, Cunningham goes beyond the mechanics of the faith and emphasizes the importance of making Wicca a part of your everyday life. Focusing on the solitary practitioner, Cunningham encourages you to make your own path within the Wiccan tradition, and offers simple suggestions, from recycling to visiting the park, that heighten your spiritual awareness of the mundane
world. --Brian Patterson



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